The Home Equity Theft Reporter: BofA Duped Me Into Loan Modification When It Really Wants To Foreclose, Says Texas Woman In Lawsuit

One of my credit cards I fell behind with sued me and has a judgment.. My fiance just signed for a certified letter from a debt collection attorney for a.. Today i got served papers saying i have been sued by bank of America for $22.111.57. We are trying to get her a home equity loan on a home that she still owns but.

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In September 2011, I lost my 91-year-old mom who shared the home with me and I ran into difficulties trying to meet my mortgage needs. I then applied to CitiMortgage. Top 1,001 Reviews about.

BEWARE OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND YOUR CHILDREN’S HEALTH & FUTURE A COLLECTION OF CURRENT FAMILY COURT STORIES Our divorce started in 1991, and finally ended in 2009. During that time I filed complaints against lawyers and judges for violating numerous laws and civil rights. The fraudulent acts, perjury and abuses within the divorce system.

A couple years ago, they applied for a second mortgage, a home equity loan with Wells Fargo, to pay off credit card debts and to make some home repairs. Just before Christmas 2008, Michael, a heavy equipment operator, was laid off, and Susan, who works as a certified nursing assistant, also was temporarily unemployed for the holidays.

The bank raised the family’s payments after the housing bubble burst, then when the Hernandez’s asked for a modification, Bank of America told them if they missed their payments, their loan could be modified. On their third attempt at gaining a loan modification, their home was sold out from under them.

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Homeowners and lenders or mortgage servicers often enter into loan modification agreements before and during litigation to avoid foreclosure.

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