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The Lost Books of the Odyssey allows us to recognize how surely that questing Odysseus has gotten his wish. But what of us, we readers, who wake up in the mortal world asking what the book was meant to tell us? What does the tale offer? According to Mason, it bestows contradictory multitudes on us.

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The purpose of the present essay is to examine Walcott’s protean representation of Defoe’s characters and to redress the fact that no full-length study has been carried out on the evolution of the Crusoe and Friday figures in his three-piece sequence.

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It gives us a new way of understanding Dickens the protean author by organizing an account of his. sketches and pamphlets on top of the novels — and the scope of his activities (frequent travel,

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"The magnitude of Walcott’s achievement . . . is on lavish display in his updated selected poems, which spans a half-century of his protean output and highlights the formal prowess of the progressively ambitious work he’s produced over the last twenty years . . . confirming the incantatory powers of an oracle the likes of which the New World.