They call this a WIN in the War on Xmas? – Musings of a Liberatheist

"Inside the Atheist Mind" is more revealing of what's going. – This is an opinion published by Fox News, so you already know it’s garbage, but I’ll kick it around for a bit anyway.It’s by a guy named Anthony DeStefano, who claims to have insight into the atheist mind. There’s no polite way to say it. Atheists today are the most arrogant, ignorant and dangerous people on earth.

There's a war on secularism, not Christmas – – There’s a war on secularism, not Christmas. the "war on Christmas" is really a means of eroding the separation between church and state, of conflating religious worship and secular Americanism.

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The "War On Christmas" in 4 Minutes – The Propaganda Professor – They declare that their War On Christmas has been won now that Trump is elected, and because of him people are starting to say "Merry Christmas" again (as if they’d been prohibited from doing so up until now), and even ask "When was the last time you heard a politician say" the taboo magic phrase.

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A Wargaming Gallimaufry: Labyrinth – The War on Terror – So the first proper game of 2018 was a boardgame which my son got at xmas (I’m feeling old.we used to get him games like Operation and Monopoly, then Warhammer stuff and now it’s games about the global war on Terror!)

'War on Christmas' Nonsense is a War on Secularists | Alternet – ‘War on Christmas’ Nonsense is a War on Secularists. Hastening to defend themselves against the charge, Trevor Phillips, chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, assembled imams, rabbis, Sikh and Hindu leaders to protest that they had no objection to Christmas, asserting that they sent Christmas cards, they liked cribs,

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The So Called War on Christmas. There's a vast, left wing. – The So Called War on Christmas A Report From the Front Lines of the War on America’s Favorite Holiday You’ve probably heard of the book a couple of years ago by Fox News host, John Gibson, that reveals to the whole world, a little known secret.

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This atheist group is waging a nationwide war on Christmas. – This atheist group is waging a nationwide war on Christmas – but Christians are fighting back. Franklin County, Indiana, commissioners drafted an ordinance allowing multiple displays on the courthouse lawn after the FFRF sued last year, according to, implementing a permit application process resulting in some nine different displays approved this year so far.